Why write a blog?

I love writing. I find it therapeutic. In my free time I used to sit at Starbucks with my journal and pen and write for hours. In a bygone era, I wrote letters to friends living overseas. If I didn’t write this blog, I would write something else, like poetry (I’ve written 24 poems that are too private and embarrassing to share with the world.) At least this blog is useful and helps others.

Why write about happiness?

It happened by accident, when a friend suggested the topic. At that time it was as good a subject as any other to learn blogging which I’d heard so much about. To my great amazement, many people actually read my blog and told me how it brought them to tears and transformed some of their relationships. Every time I feel like giving up and closing down this site, someone leaves a message saying how much a certain post helped them, and so I leave the blog up.

Are you always happy?

Of course not. I feel sad and cry sometimes. And I’m very stressed about this blog because it’s scary to be so publicly exposed (I tried to keep my identity secret in the early days but realised it doesn’t work). Happiness is not emotional botox where you stay in one state all the time. It’s a baseline, just like fitness or smartness. Fit people sometimes feel exhausted and smart people sometimes do stupid things. Still, it helps to be fit and smart. It makes life easier. And just as we can increase our baseline for fitness and smartness through knowledge and practice, we can increase our happiness baseline.

Are you happy most of the time?

Yes, I would say about 90-95% of the time. The other 5-10% happens when I allow myself to get affected by negative people or when I start blaming circumstances. It’s never their fault of course, but mine for relinquishing control to factors outside myself. I’m also unhappy when I lose focus and direction in life by forgetting what matters most (my family and friends, and doing meaningful work). Thankfully these episodes have become fewer and shorter over the years as my happiness baseline rises and I bounce back more quickly.

Why are your blog postings irregular?

I’m not a full-time blogger, and I love the offline part of my life. When I’m not writing here, I’m usually doing stuff like spending time with family and friends, working, travelling, reading, and recently training for some road bike races. All these things are a huge part of my happiness.

Why disable comments on the blog?

It wasn’t an easy decision since comments make a blog come alive. Dealing with the spam just isn’t worth it though. You can still contact me¬†and usually I reply, unless you’re trying to sell me something or get me to do free advertising for you. Please note that I’m not a counsellor and there’s no way a stranger on the internet can give you meaningful advice on how to solve your life’s problems. However if you just want to reach out and know that you’re not alone, or get something off your chest and know someone is reading it, I will read your message.

Wishing you Joyful Days!