I’ve Been Tagged! 6 Random Things About Me

It’s been years, decades actually, since I played Tag. It’s called Catching in my part of the world. So I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there’s a blog game going round that involves bloggers tagging each other.

So I’ve just been tagged and I think the idea is that everyone who is tagged has to reveal 6 things about themselves that their readers don’t know, and then tag another 6 bloggers to carry on the game.

Thanks to Middle Way for tagging me and introducing me to this form of fun!

6 Random Things About Me

So here goes… six completely random and boring details about myself that you probably don’t want to know. But it’s all part of the game!

1. As a girl I swore to my mother that I would never wear a skirt in my entire life, one of the many words I’ve had to eat as I grew up. She, of course, just laughed at the time. Don’t you hate it when your mother is right as usual?

2. There is a scar all the way down my back starting from my neck and ending up almost where the sun doesn’t shine, the legacy of surgery for scoliosis (curved spine) when I was fifteen. It looks like a giant zipper – a long line with dots along either side of it. Yes, I get stares whenever I wear a bikini.

3. Once I find a type of food I like, I can eat it day after day for weeks or months in a row. Food that has qualified so far include clear fish soup, caesar salad, and rice porridge with salted egg or braised peanuts.

4. My taste in computer games is very puritan. I don’t like games where things move without my permission, which includes almost every modern game nowadays. Games I like include Solitaire and Minesweeper, where something happens only when I make a click. Otherwise, nothing moves.

5. Though I love coffee, I get a benign tremor whenever I drink more than two cups a day. This means my hand shakes and I can’t do anything about it, besides cutting down on coffee. When the tremor is severe, I can’t hold a pen firmly enough to write, nor use chopsticks to eat.

6. When I was in my twenties, I had some white hairs mainly due to stress from work and generally not handling life very well, I suspect. In my thirties, after deciding what was important to me and changing my lifestyle to achieve it, I am much happier and all my hair is back to being jet black. By hair standards, I have grown younger!

Tag! You’re IT!

Now it’s time to tag six other bloggers. I’ve met none of these in person and came to know of their blogs only after starting mine. While writing this, I am amazed and humbled at the whole new world that blogging has opened up for me.

Here are the chosen six!

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