17 Inspiring Examples of Personal Creeds

This is the last post in the series on personal creeds, where we will look at real-life personal creeds of real-life individuals. Previous posts addressed the importance of having a personal creed, what is a personal creed, and how to write a personal creed.

I am so grateful to all who have participated in this post by sharing their personal creeds in the comments sections of the last two posts. Some of you took precious time to write your creed thoughtfully, and the beautiful and powerful results speak for themselves.

All 17 contributions are listed in this post, in random order. I’m grateful and humbled to see that some creeds followed the 6-point framework outlined in the last post. And now, over to my wonderful readers and their inspiring personal creeds.

10 Beautiful and Poetic Creeds

Jocelyn @ I Take Off The Mask:


I will go through this life only once,
and I shall have but one chance to live;

Not all people will like me, others may even despise me,
as I may not be easily understood;

Yet I will take this chance to live,
and I will reach out in ways I know;

I will love those whom I can,
and I will strive to understand them more;

Not all days will bring me sunshine,
so I will rejoice also for the rain;

Not every endeavor will be a success,
but I will savor the victories I achieve;

Not all dreams I dream will be mine,
but in time new dreams will fill my heart,

and as from a star those hopes will propel me forward
doing everything the best way I know I can;

No fear shall trample me whatsoever,
though some tasks seem to outweigh my strength;

I will only do what I have to do,
and God will take care of the rest!

Michael @ Love To Spare:


Each day, live and love to your fullest,
Tend your blessings and let your worries fall away;

Do not carry the weight of old debts, or past wrongs against you,
But remain graceful, lighthearted and forgiving.

Learn to find wealth and happiness in the life you have,
Maintain the discipline to succeed, and the courage to fail;

Live simply and honestly, always honor your word,
And let your heart, mind and body be pure;

Give away the best of whatever you have to offer,
But keep the worst to yourself;

Bow to God’s reflection in others,
And be a constant instrument of love and compassion;

Find peace, both within yourself and within the world,
Do not allow fear of pain or death to keep you from living;

Never lose sight of your hope and faith,
Let them remain your guiding light even through the darkest times;

Do not carry the weight of old debts, or past wrongs against you, but remain graceful, lighthearted and forgiving.

Vikum @ Thinking Park:

I won’t shatter at grief or sorrow
since they are sent to us
by divine mercy
for our own perfecting

I cremate all defeats and frustrations
which are nothing than history
resurrect as a phoenix
who rise from the ash

I carve my name in people’s hearts
by trying my best to
make this earth a better place
by being unforgettable
before I leave to the
womb of the earth

I love everyone
at least I try to do so
because all of us are human beings and
neither me nor you are perfect
so we must learn to forgive

I simply live my life
whilst filling others’ lives with happiness
each day is a gift to me
from the heaven…

Sherri @ Serene Journey:

I wear many hats and I am more than I appear.

I am loving and kind and welcoming of all.

I am content with what I have and I’m grateful for it all every single day.

I continually strive to better myself and teach what I learn along the way so that others may grow and flourish as well.

I work hard everyday at creating and maintaining a warm, loving, secure and comforting home for my family in which we all can just BE without judgement.

I strive to conduct myself with compassion and remind myself that happiness and peace in every aspect of life begins with demonstrating loving kindness toward each other.

Attachment is the source of unhappiness and disappointment. Knowing this I live with the notion that “this too shall pass”, good and bad.

I can achieve this all if I put my mind and heart into it and live true to who I am. I am not perfect nor do I pretend to be, but I am me.

Evelyn @ Attraction Mind Map:

I am a co-Creator of the Universe. My abundance is a reflection of my inner space. All the physical magnificence I experience is an experience of what goes on inside. I am an artist with a soul. I am aware.

With love that fills me up and insight from awareness, I bring beauty to the world. I draw, paint and carve every laughter, joy and peace. I find inspired meaning in all-of-creation. There is brilliance in everything that I see, hear, touch or feel.

I am connected in Oneness, with my relationships to the world. Love fills me from my home and my relationships with others. I am well nourished with warmth, joy and kindness. My soul grows in tandem with the lessons that each relationship brings.

Movement gives Life but Silence is my grounding. In the space between thoughts, insight arises. I ask for Divine Guidance for every affirming action that I take.

Knowing who I really am allows me to express my natural gifts, abilities and talents beautifully. My divine creations capture the Essence of Life. They highlight the evolvement of my soul. I give freely what I hope to receive: Love, Peace, Joy, Wisdom and Compassion. I inspire hope, vision and dreams, leaving trails of light wherever I tread.

Abundance is what my soul has come to experience of Life on Earth. I am One with the Universe. I am One.

Tess @ The Bold Life:

I am a unique spiritual being, living in the power of love with unlimited potential and unlimited possibilities.

I live to bless you,love you and wish you well with my thoughts, words and actions.

I believe when you and I connect with open hearts and good intentions our world becomes a better place.

I believe in our beauty, power, and greatness and I have faith in our ability to solve problems and make our world a better place.

I accept our differences and believe we are more alike than unalike, we are one.

I am kind, loving, compassionate and understanding and offer these gifts to lift up myself and others.

I forgive myself and I forgive you. Together we live in a peaceful world.

Sunny @ Seeking Mind:

I am a spiritual being having a human experience and I understand that I am the co-creator of everything I experience in my life.

I take complete responsibility of my life and intend to live it consciously, with courage and conviction, so that I walk my talk and help someone see how glorious we all truly are.

I know that I can not die and this life is just a phase which will open doors to new phases and experiences to come, that is why, I am all for life and all for love.

I understand that at the end of it all, it’s all between me and Me. The Me being the part of me which is of the Source, the Creator. So I intend to be kind and generous, to be loving and forgiving, to be open and adventurous.

Henie @ The WriteShots:


I give to the mind
Each uncovered find

I give to the heart
An awakening start

I give to the soul
That which is whole

I give all that is I
Until the day I die!

Stacey @ Create A Balance:

I am light.
My purpose is to let my light shine, to shine light on others,
and to give people permission
to do the same.

Peter Levin @ The Art of Authentic Freedom Design

Live life of freedom and balance
Enjoy present moment and accept who I am
Learn and Grow Each and every Day
Be grateful for who I am and what I have
Constantly raising mine and other peoples awareness
Accept others for who they are
Refining personal talents and develop them as much as possible.

7 Short and Sweet Creeds

Evan @ Wellbeing And Health:

Stay open, stay with it, it works.

Giovanna Garcia @ Imperfect Action:

Everything that I need is either already in me or it is coming to me.

Vered @ MomGrind:

To be kind.


I really appreciate a well prepared meal, but there is no disappointment if it is not.

Chris Edgar @ Purpose Power Coaching:

To be open to every experience I have, without fear, closure or rejection, and to help others cultivate the same openness to their own experience.

Mike Foster @ Live Life 365:

Live life every day, every way, as best you can, and never give up.

Tom Volkar @ Delightful Work:

Abundance (doing what I can do now) through authenticity.

Living our creeds

I am humbled that many of you took seriously the call to ask yourselves what your personal creed is – what your are offering to the universe. I know that just sending these words out makes our world a better place already.

Your creeds also anchor you in life, and perhaps without your realising, will bring you peace and joy. Thank you once again, and live well!

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