aboutHello! I am Daphne.

Since 2005, I’ve had a lifestyle that my friends tell me they envy. I had meaningful work to do, time to spend with my family and friends, and enough cashflow that I didn’t have to worry about paying the bills every month. I was happy.

This wasn’t always the case. I remember in a previous job, I was so stressed that one Sunday I collapsed along the corridor of my office in tears. It took about 5 years to get from that miserable place to a much happier one. And it didn’t happen by accident, but with some planning and lots of trial and error.

How Joyful Days started

In 2008, a close friend and I were having lunch and chatting about where we were in our lives. When I mentioned how happy I was, she asked why I didn’t start a blog to about how to create a joyful lifestyle. And I thought, why not? So Joyful Days was born.

At the time, I just wanted to learn about blogging. I felt behind the curve as it was the “in” thing that everyone seemed to be doing and I had no clue what it was all about. What amazed me was that people actually read my blog and total strangers told me that they cried after reading it, and it helped transform some of their relationships. Some of the more popular posts I wrote are listed in the Start page. More can be found at Around the Web and What Readers Say.

What Joyful Days is about

I am fascinated with how the human brain works. Since 2002, I’ve been helping executives and managers to acquire skills based on methods leveraging the brain’s natural mechanism. Over the course of training thousands of people, many of them told me that all they want is to be happy. They want to enjoy their work. They want to have better relationships. And they want their lives to mean something. It surprised me in a sad way that so many people were unhappy with their lives.

It also frustrated me because happiness is not some elusive notion, but concrete skills and habits that anyone can learn and practise. And it’s not just my own experience that suggests this, but a growing field of research into happiness. Joyful Days is my platform for sharing some of these research findings, and suggesting practical skills that are easy to implement in our lives.

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