Using Feng Shui to Attract Wealth

After looking at energising your home and life with feng shui and feng shui decorating tips, we’ll look at using feng shui to attract wealth.

This is essentially an application of the law of attraction. If you set up your home in a way that helps you to constantly think of abundance, even without trying, you’ll attract abundance into your life.

The practice of abundance

Here are some ways to surround yourself with images of abundance so that you will attract even more abundance into your life:

  • Make sure everything within sight looks clean and new. Repair broken items and re-paint old items if necessary.
  • Give generously of what you can – your money, time, energy, compassion, listening ear, encouragement, appreciation.
  • Use positive affirmations about wealth as often as you can, for example “Money and success come easily to me”.
  • Keep containers of food and drink more than half-full, to give the feeling of plenty both by sight and feeling when you lift the containers.
  • Have fresh fruit available in a bowl or basket, or grow living plants (avoid dried flowers as this represents death and decay in feng shui).
  • Store your small change in a glass bowl in a visible area, preferably in your home’s wealth sections (see below) to form the image of increasing wealth.

Your home’s wealth area

The various traditions of feng shui suggest different wealth areas of the home or room. Apply the above feng shui wealth ideas to these areas for the best results:

  • the south-east section of the room or home
  • the back left corner of the room (facing the room from the entrance)

Symbols of wealth

In feng shui, there are symbols that represent wealth. You could try putting some of these symbols of abundance in the wealth areas of your home:

  • Bowl of coins (as above)
  • “Lucky bamboo” plant
  • Green or purple grapes
  • Flowing water (small fountain or aquarium)
  • Pictures of the house or car your dream of
  • Anything else that represents wealth to you

Your kitchen and wealth

The kitchen is probably the most important part of your home where wealth is concerned, because it represents nourishment. Feng shui wealth tips for the kitchen:

  • Ensure it is bright and spacious, so that chi can flow easily through this room that is used to feed the family.
  • ‘Enlarge’ a small and cramped kitchen with mirrors so you feel ‘bigger’ when working in it.
  • If you cannot see the entrance from your work area, use mirrors to allow you to see when someone enters the kitchen.
  • Keep your stove clean rotate among the burners (using the same burner all the time represents ‘limitedness’ in the way you think and live).
  • Locate the trash bin out of sight and definitely not in the wealth corner (south east or back left according to various traditions).
  • Place symbols of abundance in the wealth corner, like green and purple grapes, nine round oranges, or fresh flowers.

Attracting wealth while you sleep

Since you spend a third of your life in bed, the direction you face when sleeping is an important part of feng shui. The direction that attracts success and wealth is called the sheng chi (success) direction. Your head should point in this direction while you sleep.

Here’s how to calculate your sheng chi:

  • Add the last two digits of your birth year together. If the sum is a two digit number, add the digits together again until you get one number (eg 1957 = 5+7 = 12, and 1+2 = 3 so your direction is 3).
  • For men, subtract this number from 10. For women, add this number to 5 (if the result is greater than 10, add the two digits together to get one number). The result is your kua number.
  • Try to align your head in your kua direction when you sleep, remembering to observe the general rules first (eg your bedhead should not be unsupported against a window).

Your kua number and corresponding compass direction

  1. SE
  2. NE
  3. S
  4. N
  5. NE (male)
    SW (female)
  6. W
  7. NW
  8. SW
  9. E

A sensible attitude to Feng Shui

Adopting the right attitude to feng shui is important. Some people may put some grapes in the south-east corner of their kitchen for a week, then complain that they are not yet millionaires. That entitlement attitude alone is bound to ensure that they don’t become wealthy!

Feng shui, if you believe in it, is an enabler. The best analogy I can think of is the proverbial supportive wife behind the successful husband. The wife enables him to focus on his work and succeed, but he won’t become rich just sitting at home staring at his wife all day.

Success and wealth, ultimately, come from working hard. A conducive environment, one without distractions and obstacles, makes it easier to succeed. Feng shui aims to create that conducive environment. The environment alone, however, does not guarantee success.

With that in mind, I hope that these feng shui tips create an environment of abundance in your home and mind, and bring you success and wealth.

This is Part 3 of a 4-part Feng Shui series: